Bakery Cookies


It’s easy to enhance your commercial cookie recipes, with help from CQC. Add a burst of sweetness to any cookie dough with our flavored drops. Imagine vanilla or peanut flavored drops in a chocolate cookie base or key lime flavored drops in a shortbread cookie! Or infuse your cookie with delicious fillings that remain bake-stable and fluid throughout the production process. For even more flavor—bottom, drizzle or enrobe any type of cookie or dessert bar with our compound coatings.

Bakery Muffins


Give your perennial favorite muffins a twist on tradition, with an extra burst of color and flavor. Drizzle them with seasonal colors—and a bit of sweetness—with our Alpine colored coatings. Add more delicious flavor all over with our Atlas chips – they have a higher melt point, which makes them bake stable. With CQC, your muffins are on a mission to stand out in the crowd.