Frozen Novelty Ice Cream Bars

Frozen Novelty

You can even improve on ice cream—by introducing fun new flavors with CQC, an industry leader in milk, white, dark and peanut compound coatings, offering a premium line of drops, chunks and variegates. From chips and chunks to hard coating for bars, you can add a variety of flavors, from peanut to pomegranate. CQC can also produce a variegate swirl that adds color and flavor to your ice cream product, without the concern of large ice crystal formation.

Frozen Novelty IceCream

Chocolate Chips in Ice Cream

 Add an extra layer of flavor in your ice cream or frozen novelty product with a 10M chocolate flavored chip or maybe a hearty chocolatey chunk. Our experienced Innovation Team will work with you to develop a drop recipe that meets your needs and stands up to the rigors of ice cream manufacturing. 

Frozen Novelty Chocolate Chips

Did you know?

Applying a thin layer of coating on the inside of an ice cream cone limits moisture migration to keep the ice cream from making the cone soggy!