When you're producing energy bars and granola bars, finding and utilizing quality ingredients is of the utmost importance. CQC's compound coatings offer an ideal way to improve the nutritional profile of your product, while still maintaining the great taste your consumers are looking for. Our coatings can also be used in the final stages of production for drizzling, bottoming or enrobing. All of our coatings are gluten-free, enabling you to maintain your packaging claims in this market.

Protein Bars

With consumers hungry for protein options, many manufacturers are looking ways to pump up their protein options with good-tasting solutions. Our confectionery coatings can be manufactured to be low in sugar and enriched with hot supplements, including phytosterols and probiotics.

Granola Bars

CQC coatings provide an excellent vehicle for adding extra protein, fiber or vitamins to your granola bar. Our ability to add nutritional supplements to these coatings and our variety of available natural options will help you to meet your packing claims, without compromising on quality or taste.