Using CQC coatings make your pet treats stand out in the highly competitive pet food market. Pet parents often seek the same delicious and wholesome snacks, treat or rewards for their pets as they do for themselves and their families. Our peanut, vanilla, yogurt or colored coatings can provide consumer appeal and pet-pleasing taste.




Coated Dog Treats

Whether you call them biscuits, snacks or cookies, doggie treats get an extra layer of creamy deliciousness—on top of their crunchy goodness—with CQC’s coatings. Dipped, enrobed, panned, or decorated, your dog treat products will boast that something extra that sparks consumer interest.

Yogurt Drops

Pet parents want to indulge their fur babies with wholesome in-between-meal snacks, and yogurt drops are the perfect indulgence. Pets find the tasty morsels irresistible, while their parents can’t resist their convenient, nutritious advantages.