We may be leaders when it comes to milk, white and dark chocolate flavored compound coatings, but our extensive product line doesn’t stop there. It includes unique flavored coatings as well, to inspire innovation and help you meet market trends. Whatever flavor, richness, mouthfeel, or functionality you want your product to embody, we can oblige. From traditional to tropical, our flavored coatings provide you the flavor profile you need.

Flavors Milk Chocolate Wafers

Milk Chocolate Flavored

Sweet and creamy milk chocolate, it’s not hard to understand why it’s the most popular chocolate flavor. Our milk chocolate flavors are whatever you want them to be—whether delicate, rich, milky sweet, or more robust—we offer well-balanced variety of milk chocolate flavors. Popular and versatile, but never boring. 

Flavors Dark Chocolate Wafers

Dark Chocolate Flavored

Deeper, richer flavor doesn’t have to be difficult. At Clasen, we offer a variety of flavors to capture the exact dark chocolate flavor experience you want to create, whether it’s bold and robust, a little bittersweet, or intense and smooth.

Flavors White Wafers

White Vanilla Flavored

Smooth and creamy white chocolate flavored coatings provide the perfect counterbalance to crunchy salty snacks, as well as milk and dark chocolate flavored coatings. Add an appealing, creamy smooth flavor and appearance to your products with our white vanilla flavored coatings.

Flavors White Wafers

Yogurt Flavored

Still creamy, but with a more delicate sweetness and mild milk notes, our yogurt flavorings are the perfect coating for your unique application. Respond to the latest trends and create unique flavor profiles with our yogurt flavored coatings.

Flavors Peanut Wafers

Peanut Flavored

We really do know peanuts. In fact, we’re the market leader in the production of peanut butter coatings. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can skillfully blend different peanut flours, peanut butters and peanut oils to enhance desired flavor profiles—from light and creamy peanut butter flavor to a richer, roasted peanut flavor—we can meet your precise new product development requirements. Check out our Classic, Alpine, Atlas and Simply Natural lines for peanut coatings.

Flavors Lemon Wafers

Specialty Flavors

  • Lemon
  • Dark Mint
  • Sea Salt Caramel
  • Cinnamon Cream Cheese
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