About Us Mission & Values

At Clasen Quality Chocolate, we pride ourselves on living out the guiding principles and aims of our Mission Statement and Values every day.



CQC Mission Statement

Be the preferred supplier of safe, high quality chocolate and confectionery coatings through operational excellence. Leverage our highly skilled organization to drive superior customer service, flexibility, and innovative new products that will generate profitable, sustainable growth.

CQC Values


With every decision made, we want to ensure we are always "doing the right thing". We maintain a strict adherence to honesty, ethics, and equality.


We are driven by our commitment to our customers, our employees, and the community. We have committed to meeting and surpassing our customers' expectations to develop a partnership based on trust.


We value the relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees and hold them in the highest regard. Our goal is to always act in the same way that we would want to be treated.


We foster a culture that supports nimbleness and timely decision making to meet our customers' ever-changing demands. We learn from our mistakes to support continuous improvement.

We strive to achieve this with our customers through our commitment to consistent standards of operational excellence. These standards must be upheld day after day by each of our employees.

That’s why CQC prides itself on constructing a team comprised of the best and brightest individuals in the food manufacturing industry. Years of experience and ongoing training initiatives for each employee result in a highly skilled team working together to take an innovative and flexible approach to meeting our customers’ needs.

Service Promise

At CQC, the values we've outlined for ourselves ensure we can promise you outstanding service from your first interaction with us until your product reaches your customers. But how do these values impact our service to you as our customers? See for yourself!

We Promise to Serve you with INTEGRITY

When working with CQC, you feel the confidence that comes from working with a company that will never jeopardize your product's quality or the integrity of either of our businesses.

We Promise to Serve you with FLEXIBILITY

We know your business initiatives and priorities are constantly changing. Therefore, we foster a culture that supports nimbleness and timely decision making. We have the freedom to adapt and develop quickly in order to support your needs.

We Promise to Serve you with COMMITMENT

We consistently receive customer referrals due to our commitment to meeting and surpassing expectations. We work hard to develop a partnership based on trust.

We Promise to Serve you with RESPECT

We esteem our relationship with you and treat you as what you are: a valuable extension of our team. Our goal is to act in the same way that we'd want to be treated.


In 1959, recent German immigrants the Clasen brothers opened a European bakery in Madison, Wisconsin and marketed on a small scale to friends and local neighbors. The business expanded and became the Clasen Candy Company in 1966. Four years later, the brothers began to produce and market their own confectioner's coating and changed the name to Clasen Quality Coatings, Inc. to reflect the company's new focus.

In 1998, Ralph Clasen sold the company to a private entrepreneur and current owner with the intent of maintaining the philosophy and tradition that made Clasen successful. Since this transfer of ownership, CQC has transitioned from a small, regional compound coating manufacturer to a major supplier of both standard and customized formulations and value-added, confectionery ingredients across North America. Physical expansion has yielded additional facilities in Middleton and Watertown, with Corporate Offices and the CQC Innovation Center in Madison. In 2009, the company rolled its first Standard of Identity chocolate into production and a year later, opened its own private trucking fleet to minimize transportation time.

In 2018, CQC expanded to the West Coast and built our third manufacturing facility in Spanish Springs, NV.