Innovation Center

The CQC Innovation Center has expanded our ability to partner with you in product development, offering

  • Lab scale samples mimicking actual production runs
  • Partnership based product development
  • Sensory panel testing
  • Samples shipped to you as: bars, drops, chunks, ribbons or in pails


Applications Kitchen

The beautiful CQC gourmet kitchen allows our food scientists to experiment and innovate with finished products. It also offers you the opportunity to work along side our own scientists to increase your success rate and speed to market.


Innovation Team

The Innovation Team is made up of Food Scientists and Lab Technicians who offer more than 80 years of experience. This highly trained team can be found fine tuning new formulations in our spacious Innovation Center or cooking up new product ideas in our Applications Kitchen.



We are trend-aware and get our inspiration about what is new and interesting from all around us. In fact, you could call us foodies who gather the latest information from our suppliers, industry trade shows, popular food blogs, and by leaning on our own culinary backgrounds.

Armed with the latest info, our R&D team reviews new trends and experiments with our coatings to see how we can best meet those trends.



Non-GMO Offerings

Not only have we been formulating with non-GMO ingredients for some time, we are proud to say that we have the ability to offer non-GMO project verified coatings with our Simply Free line.


Free From Products

In today’s increasingly ‘free from’ marketplace, CQC gives you the ability to meet consumer demands, with clean label coatings that can be non-GMO, soy free, dairy free or allergen free. With a dedicated dairy free line and the expertise to provide the specialized processing that allergen free labels require, CQC is your partner for success in this growing market.


Decadence and Sophisticated Sweets

Not only are today’s consumers savvier about ingredients, they are more sophisticated than ever when it comes to taste experiences. At CQC, our culinary passions feed bold and daring taste sensations. Our wide array of indulgent flavors can include everything from cocktail-inspired flavors, like chocolate red wine, to bold and trendy sweet and savory options, like spiced chocolate.