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Coding Boot Camps Showing Significant Growth in 2016

13-week programs look to leverage skills based knowledge and tout workplace outcomes.
6 Superfun Snacks for Every Occasion

Be prepared for any and every event with these easy, delicious snacks
Where to Find Last-Minute Father's Day Deals

Father's Day isn't the biggest retail holiday on the calendar, but many retailers are offering deep discounts on everything from ties to tents anyway.
Your Guide to Getting Rid of Dry Skin -- From Head to Toe

Treat your itchy scalp, cracked feet and everything in between
How Your Voice Is Preventing Hackers From Accessing Financial Information

Companies are combatting sophisticated hackers by utilizing voice biometrics to authenticate customers when they call banks or credit card companies.
Jury: Led Zeppelin Didn't Steal 'Stairway to Heaven' Riff

Led Zeppelin was found innocent of stealing the opening riff to "Stairway to Heaven"frankly one of the least scandalous things the band has ever been accused ofThursday in Los Angeles, the Guardian reports. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were sued by the estate of Randy Wolfe, which claimed...
Selma Blair Has Disturbing Outburst on Plane

Selma Blair had a scary outburst on a plane Monday that ended with her being taken off the flight by stretcher and rushed to the hospital, People reports. Based on photos posted on Instagram , the actress had apparently flown to Cancun, Mexico, for Father's Day weekend with her 4-year-old son,...
Think a Heart Attack Means Chest Pain? Believing That May Kill You

Almost half of all heart attacks are silent - they are not diagnosed and the victim may not know he/she had one.
Why Freelancing Is on the Rise

As more people seek flexible work hours and employers seek to save on benefit costs, it comes as no surprise the so-called 'gig economy' shows no signs of slowing down.
Of Course 2 out of 3 Millennials Don't Have Credit Cards

Credit card issuers and the financial services industry are seemingly the only ones shocked that a generation hindered by debt wants to avoid more of it.
Jilted land buyer finds verbal agreement to be no good

Your offer may have been used to prod another buyer to pony up more money.
Get these 5 gorgeous bathrooms on a budget

Want to renovate your bathroom? Steal ideas (and get cost estimates) from these beauties.
Russell Rebalance Study: What You Need to Know

Analyze the recent stock performance for different types of stocks to determine which equities could gain or benefit ahead of Russell index reconstitution.
China's Middle Class: An Inside Look

Discover the catalysts for China's improving middle class population, from global demands of its consumer goods to unoccupied real estate.
Jar of Air From Stone Roses Concert Can Be Yours for $95K

What's weirder than a 1970s quarter priced at $35,000 on eBay? A jar of air going for nearly $100,000. Of course, it's not just any jar of air: The sample was taken from a Stone Roses concert held Saturday in the UK, and it features "all the atmosphere,...
Will Vanguard Get Away With Not Paying State Tax?

Learn about the Vanguard whistleblowing case, why California Assemblyman Mike Gatto wants to absolve Vanguard from tax and whether Gatto may succeed.
Woman Killed by Police After Killing Daughters

A Texas mother shot and killed her two daughters Friday afternoon in a comfortable, middle-class subdivision" near Katy, the Houston Chronicle reports. According to CNN , she was then shot and killed by a police officer after refusing to drop the gun. KPRC identifies the women as 42-year-old Christy Sheats, 22-year-old...
4 Decadent Chocolate Recipes That Have Secretly Healthy Ingredients

Festive, superfood-filled treats for the holidays
Find the right credit card when you have poor credit

Here's how to apply for a credit card whenyour credit stinks.
Why giving a kid a savings bond still makes sense

Savings bonds as investments don't make sense. Here's when they're a good idea.
32 Longstanding Health Myths That Need to Go Away

Some of these crazy health myths are downright dangerous, while others are just bizarre.
6 ways to squeeze retirement money from your home

Here's how to make your home do double duty as your retirement piggy bank.
What Is Adrenal Fatigue? The Facts About This Controversial Medical Condition

Many people are convinced their extreme fatigue, brain fog, and trouble sleeping are caused by a condition that most medical practitioners say doesn't exist. 
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Teen Trips, and Javelin Impales His Eye Socket
An 18-year-old track-and-field star impaled his face on his own javelin Friday in what his coach calls a "freak accident," BuzzFeed reports. According to KATU , Parker Kennedy was participating in a USA Track and Field event in Portland, Ore. “He was warming up and had just thrown a javelin and... More >
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EU Wants UK to Get Out Fast
Now that Britain has voted to leave the European Union , EU leaders don't see any point in dragging things out. Foreign ministers from the bloc's six founding nations held an emergency meeting in Berlin Saturday and urged Britain to trigger Article 50 as soon as possible instead of leaving months... More >
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